Comes First.

Smart solutions determine the convenience of a product. Following this idea
Z-SUPPORT/Z-SUPPORT Plus offer the users freedom of creation and flawless
process of support removal.

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Remove what’s Redundant.
The use of separate support material, easily soluble in water gives new possibilities for creation more complex, detailed shapes even within a single print. Without the necessity of manual support removal, the user doesn’t have to worry about destroying small elements of the print.
Easy Come Easy Go.
Thanks to being compatible with the DSS Station, the support material can be easily dissolved in water. All the activities required from the user boil down to putting the finished model into the DSS Station and taking out the free from residue model after a few hours.
Printed valve without support


  • intricate constructions made of multiple elements
  • complex moving mechanisms
  • detailed architectural mockups
  • small elements rich in details
  • models with complicated organic shapes, difficult to obtain by traditional methods

to use:

  • easily removable with water
  • compatible with Zortrax Inventure dedicated materials
  • allowing hands-free use
Z-SUPPORT Material
Z-SUPPORT/Z-SUPPORT Plus are easily dissolvable materials that together with base materials offer creating the shapes that would be difficult to obtain by traditional methods of manufacturing. Printing materials compatible with Z-SUPPORT include Z-PETG, Z-PLA and Z-SEMIFLEX, while Z-SUPPORT Plus is a dedicated material for Z-ULTRAT Plus.