Size On Your Side.
Deliver what’s necessary without concerns about the right dimensions of your model. Thanks to the reduced shrinkage the material is perfect for 3D printing large-sized prototypes as it eliminates the risk of warping. Even when you want to go for really high constructions, you can be sure that all the layers will stick firmly to one another giving your model a uniform and solid structure.

Skyscraper. The reduced shrinkage of Z-PLA Pro material allows for creating large-sized prototypes without the risk of warping.

Enhanced Smoothness.
Only the smooth texture can make the details show up. Thanks to the addition of gypsum, Z-PLA Pro exhibits better structure and surface quality. Due to the even mat surface, that distinguishes Z-PLA Pro from other printing materials of this type, the feature that comes visible as the first is the excellent aesthetics of the 3D printed models. From now on creating large models made of multiple complex elements like architectural mockups can bring you instant and satisfying results.

Architectural mockup. Thanks to the improved surface quality every fine detail of the model is clearly visible.

For The Z-PLA Pro.
Standard lead time: 21 business days
Layer thickness: 0,14 - 0,19 mm
biodegradability: yes
shrinkage: Very low
surface: mat
available colors: gypsum white, pure black, bright red, brick, blue, cool grey, concrete grey
Available for: Zortrax M200, M300
Z-PLA Pro Material
Data Sheet.
Z-PLA Pro is a natural biodegradable material that exhibits exquisite surface quality that together with reduced shrinkage allows for creating precise and complex models.