Unchanged Under the Sun.
Thanks to the unique properties of the material, Z-ASA Pro can resist UV radiation. Even after the long exposure on the sunlight, your prototypes won’t get prone to bleaching or disfiguration. The UV stable material can guarantee that all your prototypes will remain of high quality and keep their initial shape and excellent aesthetics.

Wind turbine. The properties of the material guarantee that the model will stay unaffected even after long sun exposure.

In All Weathers.
You cannot change the weather, but choosing the right material can have a major impact on your models life-span and looks. Various external conditions that the outdoor prototypes are exposed to can destroy the visible and physical properties of it, making the evaluation impossible or less reliable. With Z-ASA Pro users can gain confidence that their models will be unaffected by humidity, rain or changing temperature, and ever after the time pass they will exhibit high quality.

Meteorological station. The use of Z-ASA Pro allows for everyday use of the prototype in changing weather conditions.

For The Z-ASA Pro.
Standard lead time: 21 business days
Layer thickness: 0,14 - 0,19 mm
UV stability: yes
shrinkage: low
resistant to: chemicals, weather
available colors: blue, yellow, red, graphite, pure white, pure black
Available for: Zortrax M200, M300
Z-ASA Pro Material
Data Sheet.
Z-ASA Pro is a material characterized by high resistance to UV light and weather conditions like temperature, humidity or rain.