The fourth quarter of 2015 proved to be yet another period of dynamic growth in sales and profit for the Zortrax Company. Zortrax’s revenue during the final three months of 2015 amounted to more than PLN 12 million, and the company’s net profit reached PLN 2.7 million. Zortrax generated similar results during the final quarter of 2015 to those achieved by the company during the entire previous year (PLN 12.5 million in revenue and PLN 2.8 million in net profit).

We had a good end to 2015; primarily thanks to the continuously growing sales of our M200 printer, but also because of increased printing material sales. Last year, material sales growth exceeded the growth of printer sales themselves. This proves that our strategic decision to develop a complete 3D printing environment – complete with our own 3D printing software and printing materials – was an excellent decision said Rafał Tomasiak, Zortrax’s CEO. The company’s sold over 5 500 units of its M200 3D printer during 2015.

Zortrax made PLN 37.6 million in sales revenue during 2015 – that’s a threefold increase when compared to the company’s results for 2014. An auditor’s annual report shows the company’s net profit stands at PLN 8 million, in comparison to PLN 2.8 million a year earlier. What’s most important is that the company’s growing costs did not exceed its growing revenue, which directly resulted in Zortrax’s improved profit margins.

Compared with the first half of 2015, Zortrax has managed to increase its EBIT margin (from 26% to 28% at end of the year), its net profit margin (from 19 to 21%) and reports a 54% increase in the company’s current liquidity ratio (an increase from 4.3 to 9.4). These results are the effect of optimized production processes and proper management on an operational level.

The company’s in a favorable financial situation, which it proves by having PLN 8.3 million in available funds at the end of 2015. In addition to this, the company’s total debt decreased from 42% (at the end of June) to 35% (at the end of December). This was achieved thanks to the company’s timely redemption of A1 series bonds, amongst other reasons.

These results allow our company to invest more and more funds into research and development. This will help maintain our competitive edge and allow us to continue setting new trends in the 3D printing industry. Our biggest expenses in 2015 were related to the development of our new Zortrax Inventure 3D printer. We’ll be placing an emphasis on R&D this year, just as we have before, and we intend to continue our work with developing new 3D printing equipment and materials. We’ll also focus on improving our 3D printing software; a key element of our entire printing ecosystem stated Tomasiak.

Zortrax foresees significant expenses related to developing the company’s business image in 2016. Participating in the world’s most important fairs and strengthening its PR activities on key markets will allow Zortrax to reach out to new buyers.

Zortrax is a Polish company that has managed to achieve spectacular international success. The company generates approx. 10% of its revenue in its home country, and makes the rest on foreign markets – 38% in the European Union and 52% across the globe.

The company has maintained its plans to debut on Warsaw’s Stock Exchange. Possible dates of the company’s IPO are based during around the second half of this year; however the decision largely depends on market conditions and Zortrax’s potential financial needs.