Zortrax, a leading global manufacturer of 3D Printers, today announced availability of Z-Suite 1.0, the updated version of its copywrited software. New features, functionality and enhance-ments include:

• Full support for Mac OS X. Apple computer owners can now use Z-Suite software for easy preparation of 3D models without worrying about its stability.

• Full support for all versions of Windows, from XP through 10.

• A more intuitive interface, giving users greater editing latitude while providing first time 3D printer users the ability to prepare 3D models with limited printer experience.

Demonstration of the software upgrades can be viewed on Zortrax YouTube channel:

“This updated version of Z-Suite was developed so that 3D model preparation would be as easy and intuitive as possible. With Z-Suite 1.0, 3D projects ready for printing can be easily adjusted to materials being used and space on the printer’s platform. Users will now be able to deter-mine the position in which the model will be printed. The user friendly interface makes it possi-ble to use the program without any special skills,” explained Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax. “Because Zortrax is an integrated 3D print environment, the software allows us to impact not only the simplicity of managing the printing process but also the physical features of the printouts created in our printers,” he adds.

Z-Suite 1.0 processes 3D models into .zcode files which are decoded by Zortrax printers, deter-mining features, size and position of printed elements on the printer’s platform. The software update ensures improved efficiency of the print preview display, models are loaded faster and management is smoother. Full display of model layers has also been perfected; the image gen-erated by the computer is no different than the printed real object.

Z-Suite 1.0 also includes new functions positively impacting printouts’ quality as well as adding a comfort level for those using a 3D printer for the first time.  In this latest version, the software automatically generates bridges – fillings the chasms in the printouts with light instead of sup-ports – ensuring both easier removal of supporting material from ready printouts as well as cost savings due to the reduced amount of material used. The updates in the software have also resulted in a more stable raft (thin material layer prepared as a printing base), which now ad-heres to the printer’s platform better.

Zortrax’s complete 3D printer environment includes the 3D printers, the new software and a wide range of printing materials prepared specifically for Zortrax 3D printing environments to ensure precise high-quality printouts at an attractive price.

Z-Suite 1.0 is available now, older versions are updated automatically. The update can also be downloaded here: https://zortrax.com/support-center