Zortrax enhances Bosch plant’s capability and efficiency with customdesigned, 3Dprinted tools.

Zortrax’s industry-leading M200 3D printers have been employed by Bosch’s French engineers to develop and design specialized equipment at the Mondeville plant, including customized tools to support the assembly of small modules for electronic devices.

Prior to implementation of the 3D printing technology we tested several devices and solutions available on the market. Eventually we have selected the Zortrax M200. From our perspective, the most crucial advantages of the 3D printing solutions by Zortrax are reliability and high performance. The M200 is an integrated, standalone device, ready to work just out of the box, and it requires minimal maintenance with no risk that something gets loose and interrupts the work – said Mr. Frederic Boumaza, Managing Director of the Bosch production plant in Mondeville, France.


Mr. Boumaza praises not only the construction advantages of the Zortrax M200 3D printer. – This is a very solid piece of machinery, finding its right spot in the industrial environment. We are glad to admit that after over 2,000 hours of work in total, printers don’t require any maintenance or adjustments.

For Bosch the direct impetus to implementation of the 3D printing technology was a need to design and fabricate the specialized equipment, used by employees in the assembly of modules or small parts of electronic devices. It requires precision, attention to details, and in many cases it is significantly time consuming. Thanks to the custom-designed and in-house 3D printed tools, Bosch is able not only to improve and shorten the production process, but also to maximize the assembly precision.


After a successful initial implementation, both Bosch and Zortrax are willing to continue their cooperation, including development of printing materials fulfilling the specific requirements of the electronic industry.


About Bosch EMS in France

Bosch’s EMS business in France has been activity dedicated to electronic products for a long time, and it is integrated into Bosch Mondeville production plant. Initially television sets were produced 60 years ago and before the Bosch era began in 1985, the factory produced Blaupunkt car radios.

With the entrance of the Bosch Group, the company has specialized in the manufacture of electronic and mechatronic components for the automotive industry and has acquired “leadplant” competence and benchmark for industrialization. Today, the story continues with the best partners in many other domains, such as e-health, energy, smart home, Industry 4.0 and mobility solutions.

In this context, the factory also provides (via MPRINT3D structure) fast 3D development and printing services to build functional samples in a very short time span. contact@fr.bosch.com

EMS: Electronic Manufacturing Services