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See how fast your design can get when you improve
the process by implementing the 3D printing solutions.

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3D printing in

Speed, dynamism and power are the adjectives that usually describe
the automotive field. We built a whole Zortrax Ecosystem to make you do
the minimum to obtain high quality models. Their endurance is guaranteed by
the use of printing materials with properties adjusted to various testing environments.
We put effort to make you gain independence in creating industrial parts
and use them to express your concepts fully.



functional testing

functional testing

tooling and jigs

tooling and jigs

final parts and replacement parts

final parts &
replacement parts

speed up YOUR DESIGN.

by shortening
the production.

You should be concentrated on consumers, not the time that production consumes. Shorten the time with 3D printing.

Rapid prototyping

by multitasking.

Have the ability of doing many things at one time, with no additional costs.

Rapid redesigning

by customizing.

Make designs that suit the needs of an individual, despite whether it’s only its part or whole project.


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