build castles.

With Zortrax 3D printer, you can build an exact model of your
architectural project to expose it in the best possible way.

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3D printing in

All architects can breathe a sight of relief. From now on creating highly precise
and full of details mockups doesn’t have to be a long and excruciating manual task.
Thanks to this you can focus more on designing and making your shapes more
perfect rather than wasting time on gluing, cutting and spending hours
on preparing models. Zortrax devices are the tools that will make
your work smarter, faster and a lot more convenient.


rapid redesigning

3D model

mock-ups making

model ON BEST.

by bringing
it up.

Have the ability of turning your idea into real thing fast,
all by yourself.

Rapid prototyping

by lowering
the cost.

Make savings by replacing the manual mock-up making methods with 3D printing.

Rapid redesigning

by perfection.

Express your idea with the highest accuracy and precision
thanks to Zortrax 3D printers.


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Order today, unpack and instantly start
improving your products

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